Friday, December 18, 2015

The mistake I made in the week

The mistake I made was not being ready when I needed to get work done. I got behind in my work and I rushed to get everything done. I didn't like the way that I felt so I grew from it and got on top of my work.

my other mistake

during exhibition I kept saying that the date for toga night was wrong and I learned from this because I fixxed and didn't make a mistake about that again.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How I messed this week

I messed up when I was trying to do the the calculus portion of our project because it confused me severely. I wasn't sure how many mistakes I made but after many tries, I finally figured it out. I learned that somethings are hard and that you need to keep going to succeed. I am growing from this because I am understanding the calculus more than I did.

What was my mistake?

My mistake last week was not finishing the rocket engine data because I was behind in my work then, with out that, I couldn't finish something for math class, I learned that I need to be on top of my work because I get really behind easily. I am growing from this because I am working hard to not get more behind.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My mistake in learning the extreme math of Calculas

I was in class and I made the mistake of being completely confused about how to do the calculus work and I was too stubborn to ask for help. I learned that you will learn when you have guidance, you learn better. I have grown from this and I see that asking for help really helps you learn.

My mistake this week

I made a mistake last week were I didn't go to a training for a job in the stewardship project and now I am out of a job. I was more concerned about me eating lunch then I was about a fake job. I learned that sometimes you need to change your priorities sometimes for a long term cause. I am growing from this because I am looking for a long term commitment.

Monday, September 21, 2015

How I learned from my mistake

I was in my class and Mr Aguirre was talking about something and I interrupted and that was a mistake because I was being compulsive. I learned that I need to control my compulsive behavior. I am going to try hard to keep it under control.